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J. Peter Lemcke

Founder and Director of the German GAMEmuseum, born 1937 in Hamburg, study of literature and theatre sciences, phonetic and journalism at the University Hamburg and the Free University of Berlin. Director of theatres and movies, editor-in-chief of the AV Jahreszeiten Verlag and AV Polymedia, TV and movie producer "Media-Work J.P. Lemcke", editor-in-chief of "Guide Gourmet", Founder and Director of the "Deutsches SPIELEmuseum" (German Museum of Games) in Chemnitz, Germany with an archive including more than 30,000 Games from five continents.

J. Peter Lemcke created the idea of the Ball of Nations, owns the copyright and gave his permission for developing the concept further - towards the Art Ball with the first realization as the SPICE Art Ball 2006.

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