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Ball of Nations 2002:
Seoul, Korea

Ball of Nations 2006:
Hanover, Germany

SPICE Art Ball

Poznan, Poland
St. Louis, USA
Shanghai, China
Vilnius, Lithuania
Poznan, Poland
Riga, Latvia
Costa des Sol, DR
Skopje/Ohrid, Macedonia
Bangkok, Thailand
Berlin, Germany
Bishkek/Issy-Kul, Kyrgyzstan
Kansas City, USA
Gdynia, Poland
St. Petersburg, Russia
Petrozavodsk, Russia
Vilnius, Lithuania
Stockholm, Sweden
Martonvársár, Hungary
Riga, Latvia
Tallinn, Estonia
Riga, Latvia

Innovation Art Ball Dominican Republic

Costa des Sol, DR

Summer Ball

Ventschau, Germany
German GAMEmuseum
  The SPICE Art Ball

The SPICE Art Ball presentation in in Bangkok, Thailand, July 27, 2008
Viewed since March 1, 2010 20 times.
        Read more about: National Science & Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)

Assembling the Ball: very much help from very friendly Thai volunteers
Work is done ...     ... the team is happy
The SPICE meeting on the "Chao Phraya" Thailand's major river. SPICE Members traveling a long boat ...
... the SPICE Art Ball doing his jounes in another boat
After the tour: The SPICE Art Ball gets disassembled and packed for the next presentation ...

Skopje/Ohrid, Macedonia Berlin, Germany


Ball of Nations 2002 - Seoul
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