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The Earth's Hope

This abstract work reflects the innovations and the small step the world is making to protect our earth, the yellow part represent the innovations and solutions, the small dark triangles represent the people that does not care, and the white part represents the part that is changing, In my work I'm also saying that sometimes we have a solution or a key to fix what we had damaged and we ignore this and we just stay there and wait till another person fix that.

The Earth's Hope
This triangle was created
on the beaches of Costa del Sol

Grace Alvarez

Is in her first year of Fashion Design In Altos de Chavon school of design affiliate to Parsons school of design, After finishing fashion design Grace is planning to study fashion merchandise, and also would like to study Film in the future. Her hobbies are writing, and work on "any idea that comes to Grace's land" (her mind). Right now Grace is working in her movement called "Make love-peace-n-art".

Contact: grace.alvarez@gmail.com

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