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Artist: Ina Kunz and Catherine Corti

The hexagon for Tunisia was jointly painted by two artists: Ina Kunz and Catherine Corti.


Catherine Corti, born 1973 grew up in Basel, Switzerland. 1992-1998 she attended a pre-course and graphic class at the School for Design in Basel, 1999 she founded "Büro4 Gestaltung und Kommunikation" (Office4 Design and Communication) in Zurich. Catherine Corti works in exhibition design and Corporate Identity-Programme, design and realization of websites, and animation, inscription or orientation systems, instruction and information design, and editorial design.

Contact: www.buero4.ch.

Catherine Corti: "Initially my task as to design the hexagon for Switzerland. However, as another artist did this work already I was asked to design the board for Tunisia. I never have been in Tunisia. But at least the national flag also has red and white colors - like Switzerland. This is a small reference to my country; a very small one. Hopefully, dear Tunisians, you will like my hexagon for your country."

Ball of Nations 2006 - Tunisia

Ina Kunz, born 1940 was educated at the Arts and Crafts School Wuppertal, Germany and The School for Design in Basel, Switzerland. She lives in Reinach near Basel and works as Art- and Design Therapist.

As freelance artist she is member of the International Association of Hand and Paper Artists (IAPMA) and the Community of Female Artists and Art Promoters e.V. (GEDOK).

Selection of exhibitions: 1995 Café Papiermühle Basel, Switzerland; 1996 Schlosspavillon Bad Säckingen, Germany; 1997 Gallery Sassen St. Augustin, Germany; 1998 Rathaus Neuenburg, Germany; 1999 Galerie Fine Art Dornach, Switzerland; 2000 Galerie Lauper Allschwil Switzerland; 2001 Galerie LeonArt Basel CH.

2002 PUK Basel, Switzerland; 2003 Galerie Kieswerk Weil, Germany; 2003 Volksbank Lörrach, Germany 2004 Ortsmuseum Trotte Arlesheim, Switzerland.

Works sold: 1997 Experta Treuhand, Basel; 1998 Credit Suisse, Basel; 1999 Akademie Remscheid, Remscheid; 2004 Dexia Privatbank Switzerland, Basel.

Internet: www.inakunz-kunst.ch/k/vita.htm.

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This Artist contributed to: Ball of Nations 2006

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