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Artist: Corinna Marti

Corinna Elena Marti: It already began when I was a child. I was interested in colors, forms, people, and animals. For hours I was sitting at a wooden table and drew picture stories.

In school we were "categorized": "good and bad creative". Precision was missing. For me it had to be "living".

Nevertheless - I continued drawing. However, after school I took a business career because my father was convinced that I to learn "something clever".

Traveling became more important after school and I earned my living with different temporary jobs; lived with my sister half a year in California, traveled with a girl friend 3 months in Mexico, and "motocrossed" with a friend 3 months through the South of Thailand. As my parents loved traveling I saw many countries and cultures. What I liked most always were the intense colors and scents.

Since 13 years I am painting; since six years at the School for Design ("the human" as the general theme). Mainly I work with acrylic colors, but I do prints and paint with ink as well: Flowers as well as a mix with (partly old) paintings or this advertisement postcards - partly with covering painting.

In February 2005 I was accepted to the SGBK (Swiss Society of Shaping Female Artists) and serve this association in the Board.

About my theme for the "Ball of Nations": The "Matterhorn". The old cliché of Switzerland, 'Chüelitum' and eating fondue, with the Matterhorn and Emmental cheese, with chocolate and banking secrets, with "Heidi" and "Geissenpeter", with expensive watches and introverted people. And now there is something new, something that most likely never happened before: the euphoria about football - thank to a highly motivated team and a coach who is like a father. This is a positive development, mainly for the young people. The Swiss Football Association asked me to thing about the theme "Switzerland for Switzerland". I am not really enthusiastic about sport (excepts as far as emotions are concerned), living with a very sport enthusiastic journalist who brought me in touch with the Swiss football team when many of the players - still in the U21-team - celebrated their first successes and when they first traveled as the national team to Portugal for the European Cup.

Do I caricaturize Switzerland or should I show the country as I experience it? Should I show the euphoria or the cliché? I decided for the later because it does not need any further explanation: Fondue is Switzerland and Switzerland is Matterhorn.

Ball of Nations 2006 - Switzerland
Other Art Work

Installation "Ganz Kopf"
(installation "Totally Head")

Die zwei in mir
(the two within me)
This Artist contributed to: Ball of Nations 2006

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