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Artist: Anja Es

In 1994 Anja Es made her first experiences as a painting artist. Exhibition of her art work in Germany and Denmark. She than reduced her work in social services to 20 h per week.

In the year 2000 numerous group and single exhibitions in Germany and Denmark, termination of her work in social services, and education in Itzehoe, Germany (Prof. Degkwitz). From 2002 operation of her own art gallery in Lübeck and Hamburg and intensive work with other artists. Development of her own performances (La Gonzesse, Farbrausch, Heimat, Geständnisse). Continued participation in exhibitions - up to date 34 single and 17 group exhibitions.

From 2005 authoring laudations for other artists and texts about her own paintings., performances, exhibitions, and publications as well as art works for the public and the private sector.

Ball of Nations 2006 - Sweden
Other Art Work
This Artist contributed to: Ball of Nations 2006

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