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Artist: Thomas Ranft

Thomas Ranft born 1945 from 1961 to 1966 studied at the University for Graphic and Book Art in Leipzig, Germany. In 1974 her actively participated in artist festivals and pleinairs in many cities in Germany. 1976 he worked together with Carlfreidrich Claus and member of the Board for Gallery "Oben". He is founding member of the artist group and producers gallery "Clara Mosch". 1978 he traveled to France to participate at the Biennale de Gravure and in 1981 he took part in the performance "Glatzköpfe" (bald heads) at the Gallery Oben. 1986 - 1989 he taught at the School for Applied Arts in Schneeberg, Germany and since 1993 he is member of the Free Academy of Arts, Leipzig. 1994 he became founding member and chairman of the association "Art in Chemnitz". 2003 he received the "Hans-Theo-Richter-Award" (Academy of Arts, Dresden). Thomas Ranft enjoys being in other countries because of the new and different historical and architectural impressions as well as other lifestyles. He gains many impulses from visiting ateliers and galleries and even more from personal contacts with artists in other countries.

Ball of Nations 2006 - Spain
Other Art Work
This Artist contributed to: Ball of Nations 2002, 2006

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