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Artist: Gregor-Torsten Kozik

Gregor-Torsten Kozik, born1948 studied 1967-72 at the University for Graphic and Book Art in Leipzig. 1974 he moved to Karl-Marx-Stadt. 1976 co-founder of the artist and producer group "Clara Mosch",. 1082 first drawings in large formats. He lives and works in Kirchbach/Oederan near Chemnitz since 1986. 1979 Gallery Arcade in Berlin; 1984 performance "Verlust der Wärme" (Loss of Warmth) with Vera Kozik. 1988 concept for the exhibition "Eisenzeit" (time of iron) for the Gallery Beethovenstrasse in Duesseldorf. 1989 iron objects and steel sculptures, 1990 Gallery Beethovenstrasse, 1991 performance "Schilde" (shields) with Frank Maibier, 1992 exhibition "Lohe"; performance "Crash" with M. Rothe, Duesseldorf. 1995: new texts and poems; 1996/7 register of wood carvings (A. Schönert): Exhibitiuon in the City Museum of Leverkusen "Castle to South Africa, Morsbroich". 1998 study travel to South Africa. 199 work stipendium of the Bischoff-Gallery, Stuttgart, in San Jose, California, 2001 transparent colored light sculptures; 2002 "Night Fishing with Picasso" - three video animations and sound experiments in Chemnitz, 2004 Gallery Walter Bischoff, Berlin.

Ball of Nations 2006 - Serbia and Montenegro
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This Artist contributed to: Ball of Nations 2006

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