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Artist: Mary-Ann Camu

The plate for the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) was made by a foundation called SWZ. The foundation is located in Zeist where also the Royal Netherlands Football Association is situated. SWZ makes it possible for disabled people to work in different areas (like mailing, cleaning, assembling and gardening). For most of their employees, it is difficult to participate in the 'regular' labour market. They do a lot of good work for the KNVB, such as preparing mailings and packages to be sent to our clubs or members. Because we believe in corporate social responsibility, the KNVB asked SWZ to design and manufacture the plate for the Ball of Nations.

The designer, Mary-Ann Camu, works on the so-called 'grafi-mail' unit of SWZ, which also makes graphical designs. She was born deaf in South Africa and was educated in the Netherlands since she was 13. SWZ is very happy to have her, since the customers are very satisfied with her input and designs.

Information: www.swzeist.nl

Ball of Nations 2006 - Netherlands
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