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Artist: Una Sampere

Una Sampere, born in Mexico City, achieved the2001 BA in visual communication, Mexico City Universidad Iberoamericana and is painting since 2001

2001-2003 figurative portrait painting in, London UK, Heatherley School af Fine Art - Cental Saint Martins - Chelsea College of Art Design - Kensington and Chelsea Collage - Slade Summer School

Collaborations - Illustrations /Portraits : Balance Magazine - Caras Magazine - Destino Editions/Planete Editorial - Tomate Editions - Expansión Magazine - Editorial Plaza & Janés Editores - Personae Magazine - Saber Ver Magazine

Individual Exhibition: Artlalpan: Una pintora, MEX 2005

Collective Exhibitions: Centro Cultural San Ángel: El encato de lo cotidiano, MEX 1992 - Heatherley School of Fine Art:: Summer Show 2002 and 2003, GB - Kensington and Chelsea College: Summer Show 2003, GB - Mexico Gallery: Also a Summer Exhibition, GB 2003 -

Carlyle Gallery: Heatherley's, GB 2003 - Juana de Arco: Intervención, MEX 2006

Una Sampere painted a portrait of Maria Félix, actress and National symbol of the Mexican Golden Age of Film Industry. More than a time and a current, Maria portrays the Mexican desire and attitude: smiling but detached, serious but inviting. Remembered for her beauty and her temper, Maria to Una is not only the symbol of Woman but also that of Man, the active pursuer, the sensitive dreamer and accomplisher.

Maria is wearing a big sombrero charro with a small prehispanic pattern and a huipil: an embroidered blouse with the colours of the National Flag. She has two golden earrings that make allusion to the golden eagle that eats the serpent and stands on top of a prickly pear.

Una is am happy to do what she really likes, she feels very grateful. She had wanted to paint Maria, and after many thoughts she realized it was best for me to have the challenge of a very beautiful woman for this very special opportunity.

Ball of Nations 2006 - Mexico
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This Artist contributed to: Ball of Nations 2006

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