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Artist: Michael Morgner

Michael Morgner born 1942 in Dittersburg near Chemnitz studied at the University for Graphic and Book Art in Leipzig 1961-1966. 1977-1982 he was ember of the artist group "Clara Mosch"; 1981 action "M. crosses the lake at Gallenthin"; since 1982 serial works. 1984 first works for Ecce Home and "times of the year - times of the day". 1986 he lost his wife Dörte; Ecco-Home-Cycle; since 1988 her works on the theme "Requiem". 1992 he became member of the Academy of Arts, Dresden and the Free Academy of Art, Leipzip. 1994 he co-founded the association "Art in Chemnitz". In 1995 first sculpture made of steel since 199 he again began to use mix-techniques with colors. 2001 his - so far - largest work in steel "Spannungen" (tensions). In 2002 and 2003: altars for a church and a museum in Würzburg, Germany. He exhibited in numerous cities all over Germany. He experienced lasting contacts with artists from other countries as mutually beneficial. Visiting other countries for him is a welcomed interruption of the creative process in his atelier leading to new inspiration and energy.

Ball of Nations 2006 - Ivory Coast
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This Artist contributed to: Ball of Nations 2006

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