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Artist: Klaus Suess

Klaus Suess born 1951 in Crottendorf, worked 1978-1982 in the Gallery "Clara Mosch" and is working in Chemnitz since 1986. The "Wilhelm Höpfner Memorial Award" of the Winkelmann Society was given to him 1988 for "100 selected graphical works of the GDR". In 1992 he created illustrations for the book "Baal" by Berthold Brecht (Faber & Faber). 1993 he traveled Israel and Tunisia for study purposed and became founding member of the association Art in Chemnitz in 1994. Study visits to South Africa followed in 1994/5. He won the art award of the "Sparkasse Ludwigsburg" in 1995 as well as other awards. Since 1997 he works more with acrylic and oil colors. In 2001 he illustrated the book "Carmen" (Prosper Mérimée) and won the competition "Signet Plastic" for "Erdgas Süd-Sachsen" in 2003.

Ball of Nations 2006 - Ghana
Other Art Work
This Artist contributed to: Ball of Nations 2002, 2006
Artist: Enoch Yaw Mensah

Enoch Yaw Mensah, born at the Nkonya Guan, a traditional area in the upper part of Volta Region of Ghana, experienced his formative years that meant many lessons learnt in the textile and carving studio, which belonged to his Father. This experience gave Yaw an understandung of texture and African symbols and he would as a young child express himself on any available medium including sand Real work produced included charcoal from burnt wood, chalk dried cassava (kokonte), various colours of clay and dyes derived from tree banks.

Yaw moved to the big city, Accra when he completed Senior Secondary School to further his education. He went to the Teragogen School of Art where he studied graphics and then moved to Ghanatta College to study fine art. Again, his apprentiship' under several experienced artists which included Lawrence Okoe, K. Mante, Nathaniel Quarshie and Jakob Bennet offered him the opportunity and privilege to 'grow' his work.

2004 and 2005 he won the 1stPrize at the GAVA Shell Art Competition and in 2006 he received the Macmillan Children's Illustrator Award for Africa.

His citations include: The Ghanatta College Annual College Exhibition, The Panefest in Elimina, Shows at Shangri La Hotel, The US Embassy, Ghana, The Ghana Embassy (US) Washington D.C., and The Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra. His work graces walls in homes in Europe and particularly the United States.

Ball of Nations 2006 - Ghana
Other Art Work
This Artist contributed to: Ball of Nations 2006

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