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Artist: Michael Mattern

Michael Mattern, born 1946 in Husum / Schleswig-Holstein for family reasons did not study at the HfBK Berlin and continued - despite of full-time work in printing industry - intensively to work with the fine arts and art history. Since 1998 he lives in Itzehoe, Germany and works since 1989 on the basis of form and function logics as artist to further develop the constructivism as reflection of today. Since 1991 he is in contact with Prof. Bazon Brock (Esthetic, Wuppertal), who defined "painted analysis of technical systems and constuctivistc worlds of pictures" as "Diaphane Constructivism" or "Knowledge Paintings". Michael Mattern is member of "The Federal Association of Artists" since 2005 and since 2006 listed in "Who is Who".

Michael Mattern: "Hopefully the German Nation will not be blockheaded at the FiFa World Cup ... . But will move up a gear. This is why I painted part of a gear shift."

His numerous exhibitions include 1984 Gallery of the Town Hall Husum, and Art Association Schering, Berlin; 1995 ArtHouse Boskamp, Hohenlockstedt, 1996 Regional Museum "Prinzenhof", Izehoe, 1997 Innovation Center Izehoe; 1997 Gallery Pohlhammer, Steyr/Austria; 1999 Gallery art2001, Lauenburg; 2000 Exhibition Wenzel-Hablik-Museum Itzehoe, Villa Flath, Bad Segeberg, Schloss Reinbek/Hamburg, Gallery Hohmann, Hamburg; 2001: Arthouse Hohmann, Walsrode / ART Frankfurt/M., one man show durch Galerie Hohmann, Hamburg: 2002: Gallery Sonnenhof Fehmarn. Kunstverein Rotenburg/W; 2003 Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum Hildesheim; 2005 Wenzel Hablik Museum Itzehoe (Kurator Bazon Brock): 2006: Küppersmühle Duisburg (Kurator Bazon Brock).

Ball of Nations 2006 - Germany
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