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Artist: Diane Panchaud

Diane Panchaud, born near Andover, England 1958 immigrated to Australia in 1968. She studied at the National Art School 1975-1979. Diane lived in Germany 1981-1983. She studied at the Australian National University 1984. Post Graduate A.N.U. 1996-1998, Post Graduate University of Canberra in Education. 2001. Continuous Professional Development, concentrating on "Behavioral Management" and "Curriculum Development".

Currently Diane is working as Art Teacher at Quamby Detention Center in Canberra.

She is interested in providing young people with strategies that can help them to cope in society. Teaching art in the Detention Center enables her to participate with a part of society that is disadvantaged in many ways. Her role is to give them the vehicle for expression and to give them the skill to produce work of a high standard.

As an artist Diane Panchaud sits in the marginal area. She has had numerous shows both in Australia and overseas and always has produced art as part of her own need to express.

Ball of Nations 2006 - Australia
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This Artist contributed to: Ball of Nations 2006

Host: Julian Webb

Julian Webb is a "SPICE Boy" since 2004. He has been involved in business incubation since the 1970s. He thinks it's in his blood. Numerous varied projects over the years: an incubator feasibility study for an advanced manufacturing incubator on Australia's Gold Coast; another incubator study in Wollongong for a mixed use incubator; development of a business incubator for indigenous people in Moree NSW, a place with a history of race relations problems and more a community arts and craft enterprise than a business incubator; development of incubation in Nepal. He published a book on success stories of Australian incubators their tenants and graduates. Other incubation activity involves helping the infoDev program and involvement in various networks including APEC incubation forums and working with colleagues in Asia.

Non-incubator projects include: a large research project looking at how to improve occupational health and safety compliance with small businesses -sounds very dry but is interesting as it gets into behavior change and the reality of small business operations; developing case studies on the non-farm business and community impact of drought (people now talk of a 40 year drought in Australia) and use of our Springboard Business Development Program to help growth oriented home based and small businesses throughout Australia.

This Host contributed to: Ball of Nations 2006

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