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Peter Kallfels, born 1960 in Bremen, studied 1982-1987 at the University for Graphic, Bremen (Prof. K. H. Geune); 1987 Atelier Wernerstrasse; 1988 study visit to New York, 1988/9 art stipendium of the City of Bremen, 1989 Atelier AG Bremen; 1990 works exhibited at the "Art Collection North-Rhine Westphalia"; 1993 lecturer at the University Bremen, 1996 "Atelier Kaffee HAG", Fabrikenufer Bremen and Atelier WEBA, Chemnitz. Since 1999 member of the association "Art for Chemnitz". 2001 lectures at the RWTH Aachen. Numerous exhibitions in German cities and galleries. One of his most prominent works (monumental painting) he created for the Medical Faculty of the university Leipzig as winner of a competition with more than 300 participants.

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